Meet the Lab

Lab Director

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Andria Shimi

Andria is a faculty member at the Department of Psychology at the University of Cyprus and directs the MADLab.

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PhD students


Christos Gkoumas

Christos graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Panteion University of Athens in 2013. In 2016, he got his M.Sc. degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from the Medical School of Athens/Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University. During the second year of his master’s he did his research internship at the Sensorimotor Control Lab of the University Mental Health Research Institute in Athens and worked towards his thesis which was related to computational cognitive modelling of decision making processes in typical and atypical populations, using behavioral and neuroimaging techniques. In 2017, he spent 6 months at the Motivation and Memory Lab at Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre as an Erasmus+ Trainee where he developed a novel paradigm to examine the neurocognitive effects of curiosity on learning and memory in naturalistic virtual environments, under the supervision of Dr Matthias Gruber. In 2018, he secured a Junior Researcher position at RISE LTD and became a member of the “VR for Well-Being” Multidisciplinary Research Group, dedicating most of his time in the development of immersive applications for upper and lower limb motor rehabilitation. Since September 2019, he is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD Fellow at Silversky 3D Virtual Reality Technologies which is part of Neo-Prism-C Innovative Training Network. He is also studying towards a PhD in Psychology at the Department of Psychology of the University of Cyprus, working closely with Dr Andria Shimi and Prof. Marios Avraamides.

MA students


Sophia Peletie

Sophia is a graduate student in the Master’s program of School Psychology. She holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Cyprus and she is broadly interested in cognitive development in typically and atypically developing children. For her MA thesis, Sophia is examining how distraction in the classroom impacts children’s memory. 


Dionysia Marti

Dionysia is a graduate student in the Master’s program of School Psychology. She holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Cyprus and loves working with children. For her MA thesis, Dionysia is examining the effects of long-term representations on visual short-term memory over development.

BA students


Marios Kyprou

Marios is an undergraduate student studying towards a BA degree in Psychology at the University of Cyprus. He has previously worked as an undergraduate Research Assistant in the lab and he is now carrying out new research on the links between attention and depression for his undergraduate thesis.